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    Did someone know whether Nextel can be able to send SMS to any other country or not???

    See More: Text Messaging Service (SMS)

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    im sorry if i answer your question. i don't know if you can send tex to other country and most of my friend own nextel try to send tex the philippines, no luck. my advise is keep your nextel for use here in the u.s. and get t-mo prepaid. your $10 load on t-mo prepaid last for 30 day and just use it for tex messaging anywhere in the world. that's what i do. i have family plan, i have t-mo prepaid just for txt messaging, my wife have prepaid cingular for txt only. both t-mo and cingular chrarge 10 cents for outgoing txt anywhere in the world and all incoming txt on both service provider is free.

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    Nextel phones can send SMS to any country, and from any country that NEXTEL provides iDEN service to (these settings need to be changed when you leave & enter the U.S. through your preferences settings). The Two-Way Messaging feature allows you to enter in full e-mail addresses as well as phone numbers. If entering the phone number by itself does not work for you, try sending to the phone using the e-mail address provided to the phone by the carrier. For example, if your NEXTEL phone number is (954) 555-1212, your e-mail address would be [email protected] This information is provided by almost every wireless carrier on their website. Check your friend's carrier's website in the Phillipines to examine. I use this method to vote for American Idol. (Yes, I am ashamed... but Cingular users can't have all the fun)

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