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    I just discoverd this today...when i go to take a picture with my phone, it's fine! but when i move the phone while i'm inthe camera mode, the screen shows lines going through it like it like how you would see 'snow' on the wrong tv channel...is this somthing i can do to fix it myself? or do i need a new i860 because the camera keeps showing static when i move it..? and do i need insurance to cover it..which i do belive i have....
    thank you if you can help me!
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    take your phone to a dealer (indirect like the mall stores or an authorized service center) and ask for a quick swap and show them the problem. if you don't have the service plan it will cost $35, if you do have it, it is free. hopefully, there's no liquid or physical damage otherwise you could be stuck unless you have direct protect.

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