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    could someone tell me how to make my own ringtones. Im new to this and really dont know what to do.

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    1)download ur mp3 song (every1 knows how 2 do that)

    2) download dbpower amp music converter here

    3) open dbpower amp, select the mp3 u want to convert

    4) set to 8 bit...8000hz...1 Mono

    5) output the new file to the same folder u got it from or make a new folder for ur wavs

    6) click volume normalize if u want the volume 2 be slighty louder when playing back on ur phone

    7) click preserve id tags

    8) click convert...

    9) In windows open up sound recorder

    10) find the file u just converted

    11) open up the file and clip the part u want into a wav

    12) to delete a portion before the part u want hit->edit->delete before current postion

    13) to delete a portion after the part u want hit->edit->delete after current postion

    14) try 2 keep ur ringtone under 25 sec cause it chews up alot of memory

    15) hit save as

    16) open new wav file w/ db and convert again...then load w/ webjal

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