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    I would like to know if there is web site I can go to, that would allow me to listen to radio station live on my Cell phone (i730)?

    See More: is there web raadio station you can listen on your nextel phone?

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    The answer would be no as far as I know. NEXTEL has an agreement with Mobile Broadcast Network to provide audio feeds for music and info to their phones. It is in the web menus under Portals. This service requires you to call a long-distance number to get a "phone" feed of the content. You will be billed accordingly as provided in your rate plan. Not the greatest sounding audio you will ever hear, but then again, you did say you wanted audio over a phone.

    I know the i930 will have the capabilities in WinMo with IE, the Crackberries would possibly do it as well, but there's probably not a chance in hell with an i730 on OpenWave. Besides, doing that would require a packet data plan (even with the phone options I listed above) and you'd be blowing your MB allotment in no time flat, and that's if the phone could keep up with the data stream.

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