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    im new here, so im sorry if this has been posted already..i currently have a nextel plan with the i860 and getting a sidekick soon, but i want to get boost for my 860 so i can still use is possible to just put a boost sim into a nextel 860?....and if it is, where do i get the boost sim card from without buying the whole kit with a boost phone?

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    yes, you can put the boost sim card into your nextel i860, you can get a boost sim at many locations, best buy,, a nextel store, an many others.

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    i dunno y boost is so special, i dont think its worth it

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    Quote Originally Posted by opmeteor419
    i dunno y boost is so special, i dont think its worth it
    Boost was meant for people who don't have the cheddar or credit rating to get a contracted billed account with NEXTEL, but still want NEXTEL's offerings. It's the same with all other carriers doing this type of service. There will always be a need for this as long as we're a capitalist country of haves and have nots... unless you are converting comrade??? Viva Castro, la reveluccion! HA! HA! HA!
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