Hi everybody...this is my first time posting here. I found this forum very nice and I just want to share my personal experience.

first, i had sprint but customer service was terrible. then, I got one of the N-Gage QD with T-Mobile. I had also bought a Motorola cellphone for my wife. We had good communications here in San Antonio but I do not know what happened that we started to get a lot of static + other problems. I also had a lot of problems calling my parents to Puerto Rico. Even my father called his local phone company to check his phone lines and nothing was wrong with them. I got another cellphone((motorola A630)) for my wife but the problem continued. My wife called me one day to work to tell me that the baby was sick but we could not really communicate. It was terrible. Well, we decided to switch and a good friend in the Navt told me to switch to Nextel. The Navy just signed a 10 years contract with Nextel and Nextel wil provide cellphone services. The Navy like the PTT feature since it is very reliable. I am pretty sure they had to test all the service providers and Nextel won and now I know why.

My wife and I love Nextel. So far, we have not experienced any problem with Nextel. The PTT is wonderful and I even spoke to my friends in Mcallen,TX with no problem. It was crystal clear and the time delay was probably 1-2 seconds, basically instant communication.

Remember, this was my personal experience. T-Mobile customer Service is great, Sprint communications were cleared but Nextel for me is far superior.

I hope Nextel doesn't switch from IDEN to CDMA. let see what happens.

Great job, Nextel.


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