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    I'm brand new here and as of yet, I don't know how to create a new topic; so please excuse the way that I got this post in here.

    Okay, now to my point. Since forever, I've had Bell Atlantic / Verizon. BUT, recently, I changed to Nextel, primarily because I needed direct connect for some of my concert work.

    When I had Verizon, I was able to forward my Instant Messenger (I'm NOT an AOL member. I have Instant Messenger) IM's to my Motorola V60S.

    When I switched to Nextel, I'm told by the mindless, and rude and stupid baboons at Nextel customer service (which is saying bad things about mindless, rude and stupid baboons) that I'll not be able to receive my IM's as text messages, because if I want Mobile IM, that I have to sign up for a data package.

    I don't want Mobil IM. I want my IM's forwarded as SMS text messages

    AIM doesn't list the I-830 as a Nextel phone, in it's IM forwarding page. BUT, on a page 1 or 2 hyperlinks away, they offer the I-830 for sale.

    All I want is to have my text messages forwarded as SMS Text messages.

    Can anyone assist me in establishing this?

    Or, were the rude and stupid baboons at Nextel customer service correct? If so, I find it un-explainable that they have the "brass" to tell me who I can and can not receive text messages from, considering that I'm paying for 500 text messages a month.

    Please feel free to write me back also to my E-Mail address - [email protected].

    Thank you VERY MUCH for your time and for helping me.


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    (I moved your thread )

    Seems to me that if your phone is text message capable... I mean, you sign up through AOL NOT Nextel, right??

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    AOL IM is an add-on service for those who have NEXTEL data plans. For what you are describing as 500 text messages, I would have to venture to ask why you didn't buy a data plan to begin with as it's only a few dollars more a month. When you get an AIM message on NEXTEL, the phone receives a "Net Alert" informing you of your new awaiting message. If you choose to have your IMs sent via SMS, you will need to choose to do that in your AIM preferences. As for NEXTEL CS being babboons, you need to research your topic more carefully before making such bold assumptions as your comments make you more of a babboon than they are. CS probably had no idea what the hell you were talking about because AIM in NEXTEL is not the same as AIM on Verizon. AIM on NEXTEL runs as a data service, not a shoe-horned, half-assed, SMS application that might work one day and then die the next when SMS volumes go up on the cellular network's SMS service. As far as NEXTEL is concerned, SMS is a toy they are just now experimenting with making it better due to the Sprint onslaught. It is much more important to NEXTEL to have the data services and DC working than SMS.

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    i want to be able to send unlimited number of IMs and some stores have told me i only have to have the basic data plan that it comes with unlimited IMs just with no text messaging, other stores have told me that to get unlimited IMs i have to have the advanced unlimited data plan which i thought was intended for unlimited text messages? i also noticed where some nextel stores offer unlimited AIM for 5 dollars a month.

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