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    I got an 860 for fathers day then my chidren's mother got upset at me and shutdown the line in her name. i started my own service. Since i already had an i860 i bought the cheapest phone they had for $50. According to the store rep i could use my i860 but i wouldn't be able to claim it in my insurance and i wouldn't be able to send pics because i have a i205 sim. Is there a way that i could get a a i860 sim? Or is there a better way to resolve these issues.

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    i've heard some stores have extra sim cards from phones they've repaired or replaced. you would need to swap in the correct sim for the phone before you file a claim (and get it updated on your account). also, in order to file a claim for insurance you have to make at least one phone call from the phone that is on your account before the insurance will kick in.

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