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    New Sprintel rate plans and policy changes eff. 09/01 --------------------------------------------------------------------------------

    First off no mention of i930 or i870 in this internal report (Sept. sales report), now there is so much info in here and I am not able to post the link because its a secured site, but its all integrated plans, phones, data "walkie talkie" you name it, its going to change in Sept.

    What’s Continuing/Ending
    Pricing & Promotions
    ♦ Nextel National Business & Add-On Plans (now includes Unlimited N&W)
    ♦ Nextel National 1000 Plan
    ♦ Nextel National Power Plans
    ♦ Nextel National Unlimited NDC Plan (renamed by removing “Plus”)
    ♦ Nextel Free Incoming Plans (was Nextel Free Incoming Plans)
    ♦ Nextel National Team Share Plans
    ♦ Nextel Local Instant Connect Plans
    ♦ Nextel National Shared Minute Plans (honored but not offered)
    ♦ Corporate and Government Local Shared Plans
    ♦ Government Total Rewards
    ♦ National Business 1000 Plan
    ♦ Talkgroup buy-up options
    ♦ EFB 1 free month on TeleNav 10
    ♦ EFB $50 service credit through November 5 with BB7520 (was $100), i265, i305, i355, i605, i730, i830 or i860 activation
    ♦ 1st month free on TeleNav
    ♦ 1st month free with purchase of NextMail through September 30
    ♦ Student Value $25-off offer through September 30
    ♦ PowerSwipe Promotion Program through September 30
    Phones & Accessories
    ♦ Majors w/VPL, Nat’l Accounts and PS flat phone pricing
    ♦ BlackBerry Nationwide Free Incoming Plan
    ♦ BlackBerry National Team Share Plan for Majors w/VPL, National Accounts and Public Sector
    Wireless Data Services
    ♦ Racing Connection Service Plan promo (Access charge waived for 2 months)
    ♦ One-month free service with activation of either WiFi HotSpot or Unlimited PC Access with WiFi HotSpot plans
    ♦ MobilePics (formerly PhotoShare) first 30-days free
    ♦ ILD Promo - $3.99/month through September 30 with monthly fee waived for 1st two months
    ♦ Promo period for PAYG International Data through Sept. 30
    ♦ Sprint Referral Rewards Program extended through 2005
    ♦ i530 for just $49.99 after $25 MIR (replaced with instant rebate in most channels)
    ♦ i265 $25 MIR (now replaced with BOGO offer)
    ♦ i205 $50 MIR (replaced with instant rebate in most channels)
    ♦ i760 $50 MIR (replace with instant rebate in most channels)
    ♦ National Business Plans - 200 Group minute promo
    ♦ SLS promo – 30-days free with new $29.99 or higher activation
    ♦ 60 bonus minutes for 12 months promo on $10 Unlimited NDC buy-up with Pay-As-You-Go messaging
    ♦ 60 bonus minutes for 12 months on $10 and above NDC/IDC/Group Connect packages promo
    ♦ “More Worth Four” BlackBerry Promo
    ♦ BlackBerry 7520™ $199.99 after $100 MIR (replaced with instant rebate in most channels)
    ♦ $100 BB push-down promo
    ♦ Racing Connection PLUS Package
    ♦ 60 bonus minutes for Basic/Standard/Enhanced/Premier Data Service plans
    ♦ Freedom to Customize promo through August 31

    This is just a litle bit of the info. it is too large to post .
    I have found this info from a very good place.
    there is probably more info, as I get moore , I will keep you guys update.

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    See More: "very good info on sprint/nextel day 1"
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    it isnt going to be sprintel

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    Re: "very good info on sprint/nextel day 1"

    Nice post! They were trying a plan called Auto Adjust in two regions of the country, New England and another region (not sure where). I live in New England and the literature I have for it says it expires on September 1st or 2nd.

    Anyone not sure what Auto Adjust is, it works this way: the lowest plan is $39.99, 450 minutes. Anytime you go over, it gets adjusted to the next highest plan from yours OR just for the extra minutes you went over, whichever is lower. Not sure how this trial did and if they plan on keeping it going.

    Please post more info if you get it, this is great!!
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