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    Hi all- First time posting here. I have a Nextel I710 and service with Nextel that is provided by my company. Basically.. their phone and their choice of service provider. I'd like to get a phone with more features and style and with Bluetooth. Nextel only has the Blackberry(too big) and the I605 which looks like a throwback to phones of the past. I was looking at purchasing an unlocked phone but have gotten mixed repsonses about if my sim card would work or not in an unlocked phone. I do not need the walkie talkie function of the Nextel phone and someone told me that my card would only work if I had an unlocked phone that also had walkie talkie capabilities. Can anyone clear the air on if an unlocked phone would work with my Nextel service and sim?

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    No, only a iDEN SIM card will only work in a iDEN phone. This means you cannot use a unlocked GSM phone w/ a iDEN sim card. This is because they are not compatible.

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