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    Hi I have a question.

    I have an Nextel i90 and a friend of mine has an i850. This is his second i850 due to loosing the first one shortly after buying it. He recently found the one he lost inside his couch though lol =)

    He said I can have it for $25 dollars but that the simm was reported lost/stolen so technicly Nextel wouldnt let me use it.

    Now I know with old phones back in the day, you could take the simm from one nextel and put it into another and they worked however the i850 uses a larger memory.

    If you take the simm from say tne i90 and put it into the i850 will it work properly?

    This friend of mine lives in another state so he would be mailing me this phone so I cant try it out first.

    I know he said if he puts his i850 simm into an older phoen, all the data is trashed and u cant do anything but when he put his old simm into his i850 to test id did show his old address book and but said service was restricted. When he tried to dial 611 or 911 neither worked either. I was under the impression 911 atleast worked.

    If it does work, I assume i just wont have as much room for storing pictures.

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    Yes, you can use a Condor SIM in a Falcon phone. Although, you wont have any contacts due to compadibility issues. If you ask Nextel/Sprint for a new 64k SIM, I believe they'll give you one.
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    When you say contacts do you mean like phone numbers and ****? Because my friend put the sim out of an old i90 in his i850 and the address book showed all his old contacts fine.

    They just wouldnt work because that simm wasnt active.

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    u wont loose ur contacts persay like u will not have an addy book if u go from say an 850 to an i90 but if u go like the other way yes it will work u just cant store the pics

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