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    I have an opportunity to get a free cell phone from work. I have about 18 months left in my 2nd time through Nextel phone service. But, switching to the work phone would save me $70 bucks a month.
    I am not good at all this legal stuff and am wondering if anyone knows if the following items a breach of contract by Nextel that would allow me to get out of the rest of my contract.

    The merger with sprint
    The increase in fees including voice mail, caller id
    The new "Infrastructure" charge of $1.99/month.

    (I love Nextel, but with the economy the way it is - $70 bucks buys me some gas!)
    Thank you.

    See More: Nextel Sprint Merger

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    does your company use a specific mobile carrier, I know i was in the same situation and I had my company do a transfer of responsibility from my personal nextel account to the company account. that way i keep my phone and DC numbers and did not get a early cancelation fee.

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    I noticed with the merger that all of the data plans have been changed on the website. I have the standard data plan and now that is gone and replaced with one that looks like it will cost more for the features

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