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    a few weeks ago i lost my i860. so last week i bought one on ebay for 225. got it a few days ago, then it fell out of my pocket into the pool. doesnt work anymore. can it be repaired? should i try and get insurance? and my last option is to sell it on ebay declaring that it needs repairs?

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    dag you should have gotten insurence after you lost the first one
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    nextel won't do anything with water damage...sorry to say that...even if you insurance, it doesnt matter...but you should get both the repair and regular insurance...pay a 100 bucks and ull get a new phone

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    the problem with the insurance now is that you will be required to supply a copy of the reciept of purchase. It must be typed (not hand written)and have the serial and sim number on it. I do not think they will except an ebay receipt. The insurance is $5 bucks a month and has $100 deductable and you have to jump through so many hoops like receipts and police reports it is not really a great bargan either.

    Call you local dealers and ask if they have any used i860s for sale. We sell ours for around $150. The other thing to do is ask if they can work on your old phone. We do try to fix wet phones, with about a 80% sucess rate. We charge a flat fee of $20 and any parts. But the magic words are autherized service center or local dealer not a Nextel direct or retail store.

    Try taking the battery out of your phone and take the battery door off it and put it on the dash of your car in the sun for a day or on top of your computers monitor for the day. It takes a long dry hot heat to get working again. Hair dryer doesn't work.

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