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    I had a i830 before and i bought a i860 off my cousin and all i did was put my old sim card into the i860. Is the i830 Sim Card the same as the one on the i860's? Cause i cant seem to be able to send text messages from the phone itself. I have to go to the Net then create a message on there. If i try to go to Msgs then [Create Message] it wont send it, I cant send pics. Do I need a different Sim Card? Please Help!! Thanks!!

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    yes it is the same sim card but in order for your text messaging to work nextel has to have your serial number & model on file. If the serial number & model does not match it will not work.. I think it is their effort to combat stolen phones and fraud. call customer care and let them know the new serial number but make sure your cousin doesn't have it still listed to him!

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