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    HI i just got a netel i850 with 2 year contract and i am unsatisfied with their coverage so i was wondering if there is a grace period where i could return the phone and cancel the 2 year contract? I would assume i would just have to pay for the minutes i used so far...can anyone answer this question? Thanks.

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    I am pretty sure most companies, have a grace period. I know my mom got a phone in T-Mobile, we hated it, no service in our house. We returned it 2 days later.

    Grace period is anywhere from 3 days to 1 week, its somewhere stated in your invoice that you received.

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    nextel has adapted sprints 30 day no questions no fees return policy... after 30 days it is $200. The best thing to do if you are past the 30 day window is to find a friend who wants Nextel. They can assume liability of the contract and take it over and you wont have to pay a cancelation fee. I would sweeten up the deal and give them a cash on the side for helping out.

    There is a site dedicated to finding someone to take over your contract for you http://celltradeusa.com/

    I don't know much about them but here is a right up on them at consumeraffairs.com

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    Thanks for the replies, i am not past the 30 days yet infact i only had this phone for 3 days and i'm glad to hea theres a 30 day return policy....i hate contracts so maybe i'll return this one and go pick up someones contract from celltradeusa who has only a few months left...thanks for the info

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