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    Hey all; Im new to this forum. I am also 2 weeks new to NEXTEL,and am damn excited about it. I am also aware of the company merger probs with Sprint. My wife and I joined because we had some probs with the last company, and for several years we had thought about jumping over to the Nextel side and get DIRECTly CONNECTed..LOL! ( I liked that! LOL) Anyways I asked a few people on other forums who has delt with Nextel and what their take is. Well I have this @$$ on this one forum who thinks he knows all the shiznit about cells, since I am new can you help me out with this @$$?

    Here is what he said:

    "Actually Nextel was denied the ability to put up more towers by the FCC.Bandwidth issues. Direct Connect is not free..... it's included and there is an extra tax for it. The whole walkie talkie thing does have the convenience of being almost instant, but almost every other provider has it now. Alltel's is actually faster than Nextels and on a larger network, Cingular is launching theirs on the largest network there is, and Verizon's just plain sucked. Everybody likes their new company when they first get them, but the numbers don't lie, your reception will be poorer than with your old US Cellular. The only other networks as small as nextel's belong to sprint and t-mobile, both of which have roaming agreements with other networks to help bolster theirs, Nextel doesn't have this. That DC feature is nice to have, I just hope you know a whole lot of people with nextel or you'll be hating it soon enough, otherwise you'll just be using the speakerphone option. The best Technology is most definitely not in the nextel phones, they dumb down those phones and they sell more than just motorola, RIM Blackberry. If you've noticed the phones with all the great features aren't nearly as durable as their other phones. Your i870 doesn't hold a flame to my A925, also a motorola in the same price range. The featureful phones from Nextel are nothing compared to what you can get on other carriers. You sound like a brainwashed nextel salesman right now. Tell ya what, you go play with your phone, I'm gonna go watch a movie on mine, and then maybe watch some TV on my other one(nokia 6620) "

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    dont know what the guys problem was but i was with nextel for a year and went to sprint because nextel didn't have any camera phones so im comin back now getting the 870 .The DC is why im coming back missed it, maybe their phones are not up to date with everybody else but ill take the trade off for the walkie talkie plus my sprint phone has chargeing problems .When i didn't have a problems with my nextel thats my 2 cents.that guy is maybe mad because he can't get one or something good luck with ur phone

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    If you work with ANYONE in " the trades " Nextel DC is all you will hear. My company has them (I am a supplier to "the trades") and we (my company) can DC with each other AND our clients NATIONWIDE. This is the reason I have a nextel FONE and I'm lookinG at the i870 for more functionality.

    These i530's are close to bulletproof and reliable. I think this is why Nextel never HAD to offer more "stuff" in their FONES previously.

    I'm seriously eyeballing the i870.

    just my $.02

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    the reality is nextel has always been a business first company, they never really focussed on the individual consumer looking to buy a phone. with the merger with sprint, i think you will see that crossover to a little bit more of a consumer oriented phone selection, while still maintaining the very durable and business oriented phones.

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    Well ive been a Nextel user for over 4 years and im proud to say i still love it!! I have the I-870 and use it all the time. The company i work for uses Nextel and i can communicate with them all. Ive tried all the other providers and im not as happy as i am with Nextel! This guy can go watch movies on his phone but why watch movies when u should be using it to talk? All you can do is try them out and if you dont like them then go back!
    I know other people that left Nextel and went to another service and was disappointed and left them and came back to Nextel! Should say something for itself!!

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    i have nextel and a i205.i 736-o.i860,and a i870 which is the best phone i have ever had nextel or any1 4 that matter my service really suck and i was going 2 leave but since nov 2 when i got my i870 i havenot lost or drop or not been able to connect 1 time i love dc & that y i am staying with them plus the i870 is really great give them a try i love them and it should only get better with merger plus 4 $56 a month i get 1000 any time unlimted nite weekend and dc plus long distance and voicemail caller id and 4 $10 i start my nites at 6.00 beat that deal plus email me and i tell u how 2 get internet 4 free plus all kinds of other stuff [email protected]

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