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    I recently visited a Nextel store, I noticed no more i830 phones.
    Since I spent $300.00 on a (real) car kit for my i830, and the
    kit will not work on any other models, I asked them if I could
    get another i830 if need be. They said yes they will continue to
    stock refurbished i830 phones until they do away with iDEN in
    2010. I bought the replacement insurance the next day for $5.00
    per month. I checked out all the other Nextel phones and could
    not find any phone as slim as my i830, so I'm going to keep it
    as long as I can. Maybe by 2010 Cingular will catch up to the
    quality so I can buy a Razr or something better. Nextel also
    said they will be continuing to expand their network until the end.

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    you can just buy a new cradle. They full blown install kit was done in two parts so that upgrading is quick and easy. It is also easier for a center to stock. The i836 is as small as the i830 just more of a stylish shape to it. It is the one that replaced it. Only problem is no cradle available for the i836 yet.

    Thing to keep in mind is that the insurance is $5 a month and a deductible of $100 right now. They will mail your a used or refurbed one (average turn around time is 5 days). It would be cheaper and quicker to go to a center/store and buy one used. Our service center sells used ones from rough shape $45 to refurb $120.

    Also we will always have them and parts for them in stock for repairs.

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    Thank you for the info, I didn't realize that the center/stores
    actually had them in stock. I don't remember how much I paid
    for the cradle, but the kit was $99.00 and I think the cradle
    was about the same. I did hold an i836 next to my i830 and
    the i836 was about 1/4 inch fatter than my i830 and it
    looked a bit wider too- although it did have a more stylish
    shape, also it seemed a bit heavier too. Maybe because mine
    has the slim battery. That extra fatness is why I need to keep
    my i830, because I am in the trades and wear it on my belt
    at all times. All the other phones I've had in the past except
    the original StarTac were too fat, I would bump them and
    knock them to the ground every day. If Motorola put out a
    new Nextel phone as slim as a Razr, I would buy it today for
    any price as long as they had a cradle for it, but since my
    i830 is only 7 months old and works perfectly, I'm going
    to keep it as long as I can.

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