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    my nextel is working fine, but like when i make a call, sometimes i cant hear the person pick up and talk.. or even if im in the middle of the conversation it jus goes out and i cant hear them, its not like i lose connection, or my signal goes out, cuz im in a good area, and there's dont go out ither, they say they cant hear me though, but there in a good area too, im not sure what it is, it also like, when i try 2 call someone SOMETIMES it jus dont ring, and if i close the phone and open it back up, it rings and i can call them.... it does that alot though, with the phone going out and me not being able to hear them

    i got an i860, what could be the problem?

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    it sounds like the ribbon cable or speaker.. If you take it to a service center the most it will cost you is $55 if the phone is out of warranty. That will get you a new front housing and complete flip assembly. $35 if it is in warranty.. That will exchange the phone out with a refurb that looks like new. Or $0 for either if you have the service plan. Back up your picks before you go.

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