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    Was good ... i got a question .. i had the i450 boost phone ... but that phone broke so i thought i could put that sim card into my nextel i730... and when i did .. it worked for like 10 mints ... and then dident so i thought i dident have mints .. now that i do .. it still dont work .. everything comes on no problem .. jus when i turn it on it says ready .. and i cant bleep or call anyone ... what does that mean ? can i not use that phone ... please someone help me...

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    It means the phone isnt connecting to the tower. If it was connected "BOOST" would be on the screen. Pull out the antenna and See what happens.
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    could also need a master reset. It is stuck with the old sim info. Master reseting it will make it redownload the correct info from the system. Menu -> settings -> advanced -> connectivity -> master reset -> security code (default is 000000) then ok all the way through. It will power down. Power it up and you should be ok. Master reseting will no longer cause any problems. Before it would reset your KI and bump you off the system. Or it would have knocked you off if you were out of your market. But all is fixed and you can master rest until you are blue in your face and your fingers fall off.

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