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    $500.00 Bucks is what Nextel wanted me to give them for an account with them. I said Im not no sucker. Ill just get boost. So I got a i730. Everthing was great untill I dropped $50 on a boost phone card and it ran out in 1 WEEK. I guess they got me any way. So after I swallowed that hard lump in the back of my throwt. I gave nextel $500.00 for the depo... I only could afford an i265. A tear ran down my face as I carred that sorry phone out the store. 2 weeks later... I watched as my i730 collected layers of Dust. As for the i265 still disapointing to look at.But I do use it a little. Suddenly an idea hit me in the jaw. Put your nextel sim card in your boost phone. So I did it guess what happen... SUBSIDY LOCK CODE thats what happend. I dont know the code. So im reaching out to the people that know the code. H-E-L-P I could use it.

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    Boost Mobile has a monthly plan aswell. For $49.99/mo. you can receive Unl. Walkie-Talkie, Unl. Nights & Weekends, Unl. Txt Messaging, Unl. Boost Wireless Web, and 200 anytime minutes. If you go over your 200 its only $.10/min., which is also no contract or credit check. All you need is a credit card. Now, if you still don't want Nextel, they have a Trial Period which allows you to cancel service without paying the early termination fee and they should give you back your huge deposit. I'm not famailiar with the Subsidy code, but if you can't find it you might want to think about Boost again.

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