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    $500.00 Bucks is what Nextel wanted me to give them for an account with them. I said Im not no sucker. Ill just get boost. So I got a i730. Everthing was great untill I dropped $50 on a boost phone card and it ran out in 1 WEEK. I guess they got me any way. So after I swallowed that hard lump in the back of my throwt. I gave nextel $500.00 for the depo... I only could afford an i265. A tear ran down my face as I carred that sorry phone out the store. 2 weeks later... I watched as my i730 collected layers of Dust. As for the i265 still disapointing to look at.But I do use it a little. Suddenly an idea hit me in the jaw. Put your nextel sim card in your boost phone. So I did it guess what happen... SUBSIDY LOCK CODE thats what happend. I dont know the code. So im reaching out to the people that know the code. H-E-L-P I could use it.

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    How old is the i730? If its ROM13, it cant be unlocked SAFELY. If its ROM9, send me a PM, I think I can help you.
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