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    I'm having some problems getting MP3's to consitantly show up on my i870.

    I've formated my 512 MB Transflash card on the phone first, and tried to copy the music over to the Audio Folder on the Card on my PC.

    I've verified that the File Length is less than 32 Characters, and I have tried to downcovert (Using DBPowerAmp) the MP3s to a lower Bitrate and Freq (some because they were originally ripped at 320Kbps and also for File size considerations). My last attempt was @ 64Kbps 24000Hz Joint Stereo Constant Bitrate...

    Some of the songs show up and some don't... Some CD's that have 10 tracks are only showing 5 and each of the 4 or 5 CD's now on the card are missing at least 1-2 songs... I have tested playing from the Card on my PC, and all seems to play fine in WinAmp or WindowsMediaPlayer...

    Anyone seen anything similar or have any advice?

    Thanks in Advance!

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    I was having the same problems at first. SOunds like you have made all of the neccessary changes but have you also looked int he advanced settings of each mp3 file and changed the opens with:....... statement? I had to do that with a couple of songs. I too still have one song that will not show up in the phone for whatever reason but is still on the card as well as a couple of photos that do not showw up in the phone.

    Since you have complete albums on your card remembre that you will have to make all of those changes to EACH song. The bit rate and the file length seem to be the biggest problems that I have seen and heard of so far. Let us know what happens.

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