I'm having a text issue. One of my co-workers has Cingular and she likes to send out mass MMS messages. example ( she'll take a pic of the supervisor off guard and add a funny text to it and send it to alot of our co-workers. Well when I get her messages, I'll repeatedly get them about 18 or 22 times before it stops. I emailed Nextel and they told me to call Cingular and see if the issue was on their end. Its funny calling a company and telling them you dont have an account with them when they ask for an account number.
Cingular said it wasnt on thier end so I emailed nextel again. They told me to call this time. I called in and some guy told me he flagged my account and i will never receive repeat messages. Cool.....; except for the fact that its SUnday and I'm still getting the same one from Wednesday. Anyone have any idea whats going on?

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