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    i have an i850, but im getting an i870
    i found AIM for nextel by going to Google.com (i got google.com by sending a text message w/ google.com in it....) i searched aim for nextel then clicked the mobile beta, then i clicked on ''parks site'' it had ''go to url'' and ''aim nExTeL" ...now ''parks site'' is not on google any more... is there any way i can get aim for nextel w/o signing up for any kind of internet plan??? i got the oz aim on my phone, but i cant recieve the im's...(i got it from webjal) and ,,,,on my old nextel(i860) i could hold the menu key when i was in the browser, then i could type a url, is there i website i can google to do that and AIM?

    thanks for ur help.

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    Re: aim 4 nextel? for free...i had it b4

    Yes.. you have to have the little internet icon meaning you have an ip.. Go to www.identools.com and with that utility you can send im to your phone through a net alert.

    Only catch... things have changed now that sprint moved in.. They monitor data usage and will charge you $.017 a kb. I had friends rack up $200 bills in no time. Try it a few time and then look at your bill it has a new colum called 3rd party data.

    Just add the unlimited data access plan on it starts at $10 (or about 588 kilobytes).

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    Re: aim 4 nextel? for free...i had it b4

    Yeah get the $10 plan that gives you web, e-mail, AIM and more. It's illegal to do all that other crap and isn't worth all the crap you gotta go through. Plus it's easy because you can add & remove that plan via Sprint's website in your account from month to month and use it only when you want. I do that, and only use it when I want for a month here and there.
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