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    Hi everybody

    I currently own a i930, but have the opportunity to get a Blackberry7100i. At first I was going to jump all over the deal, but now I am having second thoughts. So I was looking for your opinions on which phone is better.

    Usage of the phone is personal, not business or anything like that. Occaisionaly use the web, but not too often.

    One thing I noticed is the Blackberry does not have an SD card slot?? How big is the internal memory on the blackberry? I currently have a 1gb SD card for my i930.

    But the Blackberry does have bluetooth, and the i930 does not for some strange reason.

    So if you guys have the opportunity to swap your i930 for a Blackberry7100i, would you do it?

    Thanks for your opinions

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    Re: i930 vs. Blackberry7100i

    I wouldn't... it is too big, no micro sd is the main reason.
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