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    Can you possibly put a Nextel SIM card into a Sprint phone? I'd hate to say it, but Nextel has no good phones. I have the i730 and it drops the call every 20 minutes or so. I'm thinking about buying the i880, is anyone selling one for under $200 or know where I can get one for that price? (I know I'm going way off topic here.) Finally, what is the best Nextel phone in your opinion in terms of how good the service it gets, features, and size?

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    Re: Nextel SIM card.

    Unless you get one of the Sprint hybrids that uses both Sprint's freq. AND Nextel's iDen frequency - you are out of luck.


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    Re: Nextel SIM card.

    Sprint and Nextel are on different technologies, can't move your SIM, even to a PowerSource phone. You can swap to a PowerSource and the incentives Sprint is giving for people to swap are pretty good. Also, you can port your Nextel to Sprint without paying a contract term fee.

    As far as which phone is best, it depends on what you want the phone for. If you want a communication device for making calls, go for the lower end units. If you want mobile web, video and all of the tech stuff, go to the higher end.

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