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    I've been trying to figure this out for a week now and I'am getting frustrated. I've been thorugh the users manual,the cd manual and even motorola's website and no dice. I've stored voice tags for all my contacts and have it paried with my jabra jx10 bluetooth headset. On my old phone a samsung a920 all I had to do was push the button my jx10 and it activated the voice dailing but the headset won't do this with the i580,is there something is the setting I have to adjust maybe? I'd really appriciate any help on this guys.

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    Re: i580 how do I use the voice dialing feature?

    Does it work normally? (without bluetooth)
    This is the scoop for i580
    Maybe try a different model Bluetooth device.
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    Re: i580 how do I use the voice dialing feature?

    You do know that you have to press the speaker button on top of the phone, then when it beeps you say the name and then it dials. Don't mean to be ignorant but you didn't say whether or not that you did indeed do that. If it doesn't work after that then something is wrong with the phone's software. I would go to a store.
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