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    I recently switched my phone to an ic502 and for some reason when I get an incoming call no number/name from my contacts shows up it always says "Unknown", and to my knowledge my phone service plan has not changed. Any help or tips will be much appreciated. Another thing I called to activate the phone so I'm pretty sure its activated, I don't know too much about cell phones but most everything else works fine except for this.

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    Re: ic502 No Caller ID?

    Call them back
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    Re: ic502 No Caller ID?

    all nextel phones has call ID.

    Make sure that the people calling you arent private numbers. Otherwise call customer care and have them delete and re-add your caller ID feature in the sytem

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    Re: ic502 No Caller ID?

    common problem with a hybrid swap. When the network change takes place between the iden and CDMA network for the hybrid activation, ensemble(the customer management program used by Nextel, and also used for a lot of sprint customers now) will automatically get rid of a lot the iden SOCs(the codes used to identify what feature a line is provisioned for), and it is up to the representative doing the swap to add it back on, call customer care at 18006396111, and tell them to add the soc back on. What rate plan do you have?

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