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    I have a Moto I88S model. Strange indicator started showing up just about 1 month ago. It is a little square with an iP inside of the square. It resides just next to the signal strength meter. I have had this phone for a couple years without this strange indicator. Now it is all of a sudden here. The problem is that since this annoying indicator has started showing up my battery has started to deplete much faster. My battery is barking low at just 10 hours standby, with very little phone usage. Tried new battery, same thing. What is this stupid indicator that is killing my battery life? How can I turn it off? Any input would be much appreciated.

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    Re: I88S iP Box just started showing up

    i think that packet data if im not mistaken

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    Re: I88S iP Box just started showing up

    Try entering trace mode: (Press # * Menu RightArrow) and go down to Err/Channel: and turn it off. If that's not it, i'm not sure what it is.

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