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    This is what I found out today. I have been on many forums and most people say it's easy to use a local sim in another country if you have an unlocked phone. I called Motorola and the gave me an unlock code which I could not figure out where to use it seeing as my phone never asked for the code. Nextel showed me how to remove the sim. I no longer have Nextel service, but want to use my i930 quad-band phone in Argentina with a local sim. I called Motorola again and they told me that only Nextel has the exclusive right to unlock the phone (hence they want me to use their service). So now I have this pricey "old" phone that I can't use? Can anyone help me? I'm steaming mad.

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    Thr phone is only triband GSM, 900/1800/1900 MHz. The fourth band is iDEN, The phone may ask for the unlock code when you insert a non-Nextel SIM card.
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