I recently bought a new iPhone 6 from the Apple Store. I initially wanted to get the screen repaired on my first iPhone 6 but it was bent so i just went ahead and bought a new iPhone 6. I wanted to keep my same number and I updated my iCloud on my new iPhone 6 so that all of my contacts, pictures, etc. would just transfer over to the new phone. All went well with that. The only problem is that now, I have no phone service. At the Apple Store, they told me that everything would be fine once I got a new SIM card from Boost. After visiting 3 Boost mobile stores and being told by all 3 that they don't provide SIM cards in the store, I waited a week for the new one to be mailed to me. Once I received my new SIM, I put it in my phone and still no service. I called Boost to get them to activate it but nothing worked. They ultimately told me that I needed to go back to the Apple Store for help. Such a huge inconvenience and still no service! Any advice? Anyone with the same problem and/or a solution?

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