i know this is a midi file forum, but since this is a nextel topic i thought some ppl mite find it interesting.

dl winamp 2
go to options, then plugins, then nullsoft disk writer. click on configure. chose where to locate the converted files. make the converted files to b 8bit, mono, 8,000khz. close the plugin window. open a playlist. put however many songs u want and juss play them. it'll look like the files are gettin corrupted. juss wait. then go to wherever u chose ur converted files to b. and there u'll see all the files. open windows recorder and chop the file to be length u want it to be. around 20secs is good. then juss load it up to ur i730.

u could dl winamp2 and winamp.com. u'll prolly see an icon that says winamp2.

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