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    To Take a Photo

    1. Press the camera key to open your camera.
    2. To zoom in and out, pinch the in our out.
    3. To focus, tap the image you see on the screen.
    4. To focus on a specific area or object on the screen, tap the object and hold the phone still until the image is focused (meaning when the square no longer blinks)
    5. To take the photo, press the camera key down.

    You can also take pictures without having to press the camera key, but instead simply tap the screen. To do so, you need to: while on the start screen, swipe left -> tap Settings -> go to Applications -> tap Photos + camera -> select Tap screen to take pictures and video.

    To Use the Specific Scene Modes

    To take a close-up photo

    If you want to take pictures of small objects, such as insects or flowers, close-up is the way to go. So you have to move the phone really close to the desired object and use the close-up mode, which will enable you to take precise photos of your subject.

    1. Open your camera by pressing the camera key.
    2. Tap More.
    3. Tap Photo settings.
    4. While in Scenes, tap Close-up.

    To take a photo in the dark

    If you want to take good quality pictures in dim light, you should use the Night mode.

    1. Open your camera by pressing the camera key.
    2. Switch to night mode by tapping More.
    3. Tap Photo Settings.
    4. While in Scenes, select Night.

    To take a picture of a moving subject

    If you’re at a sports event and would like to capture the exciting action with your phone, you can use the Sports mode.

    1. Open the camera by pressing the camera key.
    2. Tap More.
    3. Go to Photo settings.
    4. While in Scenes, tap Sports.

    To take a self-portrait

    You can take a self-portrait using the front camera of your phone. However, keep in mind that the front-facing camera is not as the rear-facing camera, thus the self-portrait may not have the best quality.

    1. Open the camera by pressing the camera key.
    2. Tap the camera icon.
    3. Tap the camera key to take the photo.

    To Edit a Photo

    You can easily edit photos, such as crop or rotate, or if you prefer, you can leave your photo to auto-fix the photos you took with just a simple tap.
    1. Tap Photos.
    2. Go to Albums.
    3. Select the photo you want to end and tap the More icon.
    4. Now tap Edit and select the desired option.
    5. When you’re done and want to save the edited picture, tap the Save icon.

    To Mark a Photo as Favorite

    Marking a picture you took as favorite will enable you to find it quick and easy.

    1. Tap Photos.
    2. Tap Albums and select the desired photo.
    3. If the photo is saved in an online album, you need to save it to your phone first. To do that, tap More -> Save to phone.
    4. Next, tap More -> Add to favorites.

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