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    Placing a Call

    1. From the Start Screen, touch the Phone tile.
    2. Select the desired action – you can dial a recent call, enter manually a number and then dial it, select a number form your contact list, or search a recent call and then dial the number.
    3. When you want to hung up a call, tap End call.

    Tip: If you’re not able to place or receive a call, you should verify that you have enough signal bars (at least 2). Try also turning the device off and on again, check to see if the number you dialed is correct. Also, in case you’re having trouble receiving phone calls, make sure the call forwarding is disabled.

    Copy and paste a phone number

    1. Tap and hold the phone number that you want to copy.
    2. Tap copy.
    3. Then tap the paste icon in a text box.

    Creating a speed dial contact

    1. From the Start screen, touch the People tile.
    2. Tap and hold the contact for which you want to create a speed dial until you see a new menu.
    3. Then tap pin to start.
    4. That action will add a tile for that particular contact to the Start screen.

    Using a speed dial contact

    1. From the Start screen, tap the speed dial that you want to call.
    2. Tap the option that you want to make – such as, call contact.

    Removing a speed dial contact

    1. From the Start screen, tap and hold the speed dial contact that you want to remove.
    2. Then tap the unpin icon to remove the contact tile.
    3. The speed dial contact should then be removed from the Start screen.

    Call Forwarding

    1. From the Start screen, touch the Phone tile.
    2. Tap More.
    3. Then tap Settings.
    4. Go to Call forwarding and turn the option ON or OFF, as desired.

    Note: Call forwarding will be highlighted when the option is turned ON.

    5. When you turn Call forwarding ON, you will need to also enter the number where you want to forward your calls.
    6. Tap Save.

    Using voice commands

    1. Press and hold the Start key from any of the Start screens.
    2. If this is the first time using voice command, you will receive a message providing instructions and it will ask you to provide Microsoft Usability feedback. If you want to continue, tap Accept.
    3. Speak your command. You can say something such as “Call [contact name]”, “Open [application]”, “Dial [phone number]” and much more.
    4. That command will then be performed.

    Tip: In case you want to cancel and stop the request, tap Cancel or press the Back key. These options will return you to the Start screen.

    Accessing the voicemail.

    1. From the Start screen, touch the Phone tile.

    Tip: When a new voice message is received, you will see the voicemail icon located on the Phone tile.

    2. Open the keyboard and tap and hold the number 1 until it starts to dial the voicemail box.
    3. The voicemail box should then be connected. You should follow the prompts to play your messages or navigate the system.

    Tip: The default or temporary password for your voicemail should be the last 7 digits of your phone number.

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