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    I've recently got a 3300 but i have a few questions about it

    1: Is it possibel to install pictures with the data cable

    2: How do i put ringtones in the gallery rather than memory card

    3: Can you get a multi simcard pak for it

    Thanks in advance Snake

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    i also have a 3300, i dont think the software allows you to add pictures to the phnes gallery, it would be great to know how to do it, if it is possible.
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    i started a thread on this a while back.


    Last time i checked this guy said you need some crazy datacable for the nokia 3300. Another one!! because the one they package with teh phoen jsut dones't cut it Theres a few pins it connects to that are down the side of the memory slot

    I also recently found out that cameras don't seem to work with nokia 3300s

    Many threads are on the boards about how u can't connect to the phones memory. I think nokia was concentrating on mp3s too much and forgot about everything else, such as connectivity, cameras, ergonomics, size.... The way the things shaped like a brick of soap its like they designed them to be dropped

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