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    is there any workaround?

    See More: 6600 doesnt work with SE hbh-30 headset?

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    Re: 6600 doesnt work with SE hbh-30 headset?

    Originally posted by faliq
    is there any workaround?
    Don't think so,...doubt any Sony Ericcson accesories can work on Nokia phones,...

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    Of course the bluetooth headset works, i have the nokia 6600 and I am using it with the sony ericcson HBH35 headset!!!

    You have to pair the two devices together, this is how you do it,
    press the power button the headset a few times to get it to ready pairing mode, ie the green/red flashes happen, ie green then red then green etc.

    Turn bluetooth on the phone and search for devices, if you phone has audio profiles it will discover the headset. When it discovers the headset , the hanset will ask you to put a key code in usually 0000 and now your phone and headset should be paired. Then just set to authorise automatically and your done.

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