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    I'm From Brazil , and i just bought a 3560 and i'm loving the phone , But there's one thing thats bothering me !!

    I know that i can use .WAV files on the memory card to be my ringing tones , right ? i don`t have the Bluetooth or the Infrared yet , but i`m transfering using my mmc card reader . I can listen to the songs , i select it on the profile , but when someone calls , it doesn`t work , no matter what i do , when i select a .WAV from the memory card the Nokia tune plays instead . I`m taking an MP3 song , and i use the Sound Forge 6 to save as WAVE !

    Am I doing something wrong ? what are the settings of the WAVE file ? How big can they be ? How long can the song be ??


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    I thought you could set MP3 as ringtones also.
    Strange problem. Mostly it may occur if the wav song that you are using is huge(i mean really HUGE,like 7-8MB) Try using a smaller wav file or try an mmp3 fil itself. im pretty sure it's possible
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