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    I have contacted the gentleman who posted this post on unlocking cell phones.


    I have a Nokia 8390. I paid full price for it and own it outright. I've had the service for a year and a half. I am now moving to California. I currently have Rogers service.

    I want to unlock my phone so I can use it in California. I'm fine with paypaling the $5.00.

    What I'm concerned with is that he asked me to e-mail him my EMEI code in order to get the instructions on how to unlock.

    Is this a legitimate question or is this part of a scam? I've been scammed for other things in the past and am extremely leary. My concern is that he could use my EMEI code to activate another phone and charge up my long distance.

    Is this a real concern or does someone providing this service legitmately need the EMEI code? If so, why?

    Thanks so much for any thoughts and advice you can give.


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    For unlocking the phone remotely the IMEI is needed. Usually there is no scam. Even if he programs your IMEI in another cellphone, (assuming you have GSM not CDMA) he cant charge you for long distances as the Simcard is still with you, and you get billed acc. to SimCard used, and not the phone.

    If you've got CDMA, (ie no simcard) then I have no idea mate.
    What you lookin' here for ehhh?

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