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    I have a bluetooth dongle which can connect to my Nokia 6600 phone- I can transfer calender entries from my MS Outlook 2002 to my phone , I have a Belkin BT F8T003 Device

    The software for BT confirm it is connected and I have icon in system tray and the dongle has a blue flashing LED to show it is activated when plugged into my front USB port. I d/l the Nokia PC Suite for this phone and it doesn't detect the phone when I load it , nothing happens I just see a blank screen - is there anything I need to do to connect the Nokia PC Suite to my computer ? I can see my mobile phone only with the software that came with the BT device "Explore my Bluetooth Devices"

    In the "connection properties" of Nokia PC Suite it says "not connected" next to "COM 6" but "Bluetooth" is ticked .. there is no way I can see to either change the "Com Port" or to "Connect"

    I have enabled BT on my Nokia via Menu "Connect"

    You can connect your phone to a PC via an infrared or Bluetooth connection. As long as you are using the ports that you specified when using PC Suite for the first time, PC Suite automatically detects your phone when it is connected to your PC.

    See More: Bluetooth Problem
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    you should have got the uptodate suite with the phone,

    if you bt device is working properly, you have to first pair the phone to your computer.

    right click on your bt tray icon and go to security , you must pair the devices together. Once your phone is in the pair device list

    you then go to services, then bluetooth serial port then click your phone, you should have set up a serial connection with your phone.

    then open the software and that should be it.

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