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    well i got the nokia 6610 about 5 months ago ... i was very pleased with the phone till a friend got the 3100 (a phone that is alot cheaper ) when i saw the diferences i was amazed ... my phone was with 4.74 software version and could not play animated gif`s, could not use his irda port (send and recieve only buisness cards ) it doesn`t have a screensaver (only the clock) ... things that 3100 has ... if someone understood my post what i`m talking about please tell me what are the diferences between the 4.74 and 5.52 software version ... ?!?! 10x in advance

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    You did a wise thing by buying a 6610, over a 3100 and here's why

    Go to this post:Here and you'll know why.
    What you lookin' here for ehhh?

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