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    How would I download ringtones off the web, instead of downloading off the mmode service from att? Thanks.

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    There are 2 ways to copy ringtones, etc to your phone.

    The easist is using WAP. You can surf WAP sites similar using your WAP browser in your phone. You mobile carrier will probably charge you a certain price per mb downloaded for WAP sites. You should find out how much before you start downloading endless MBs...

    The other method (for your phone) is using a data cable, and Nokia PC Suite, which you can download from nokia.com. Just go to your phones web page and there will be a link. You will have to buy the data cable. You will also have to have the files, such as ringtones, on your computer. This method is free once you have bought the cable...

    You can download some free ringtones from my website:


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