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    What exactly is Firmware? I'm looking at a 6610 on ebay, and the seller says the phone's firmware is upgraded to 4.74

    Can anybody let me know whether or not this is any good?


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    Hmm,... i'm not so sure about this as i don't own a 6610.

    A firmware is exactly what it says, an operating system for the "lesser" devices like phones, PDAs, microwaves, fridges(futuristic ones), etc.

    However, u might wanna PM this guy (ski_power) asking him about this,... as he owns a 6610... (click here) .
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    The new firmware 4.74 is a kind of stable.
    I bought it around august, and it came with this 4.74. So I don't know about any old firmware. This firmware was created in April 03, so it must be there in all phones after that. I think that mostly there are bug fixes like maybe improved menu response etc. but, don't let that fellow try to trick you into thinking that it's an add-on feature.
    (Where I bought it, he actually apologised to me for loading such an "old" firmware, and said that he didn't have phones with a newer firmware. I reluctantly bought it, and thank god, it turned out right.)
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