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    Sup yall,

    wen i upload a blue coloured wallpaper on my nokia 6100, it covers da whole skreen, but when anyother colour is used, it doesnt cover the whole skreen, i.e. it doesnt cover the top and the bottom. There is gap from where the time is shown and also where it says 'names' and 'menu'

    .......abit confusin.......lol

    any help?


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    That's a nice one.
    Ok, the most basic reason might be that the resolution of the other images are 128 x 97, and not 128 x 128.
    The second reason maybe that Nokia must have tried to incorporate a sort of 'protection' so that the clock and the names are visible in case the wallpaper isn't a very supporting one. But nothing of that sort happens on my 6610(4.74, April '03). I put a completely black wallie(gator?) and nothing is visible. Situation is worse if I put the colour scheme to gray...
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