I have recently got a nokia 6230, i have been trting to connect it to my PC which runs XP pro, via bluetooth.

I have a belkin f8t001 usb bluetooth adaptor. I can using the software for this alone establish a bluetooth serial connection bewteen the phone and pc no problem.

When i try with PC suite 5.8 it connects and disconnects in two seconds

I then downloaded PC suite 6.1, it doesn;t even recognise that i have bluetooth.

What I don't understand is the have been using the same adaptor for my Nokia 6600 and I had no problems.

This is annoying me, I spoke to Nokia UK technical helpline they told me they are having lots of problems with belkin bluetooth adaptors. They suggested a few other makes to try
such as 3 com, MicrsoftXP bluetooth and widcom 1.4.2, since they haven't yet totally standardised the connection it does become confusing.

anyone had any similar problems, how did you resolve it if you did?

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