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    Hey all, finally got a data cable for phone because qwest doesn't support downloading **** from wap sites and what not yet, but i'm having trouble finding stuff for it. I don't know what series it is so i'm not sure what games to download, or even where i can download any that will work for it. Also, i've been to one of the members alternatones sites and those are the only ones i dont have to edit using the sound converter. Anyone know another site with a lot of those ringtones i can download. So yeah, basically ringtones and game sites that have free downloads is what i'm looking for that will work with my phone. And please dont waste your time spamming the same pay sites on this as everyother post, i can't use them anyway

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    Thanks for this thread. I have a 3586i and I'm about to buy a data cable. I'm just kinda wary of buying one because I mainly want to buy it for games, and it seems kinda confusing as to how games work. I mean, what's compatible with the phone and what-not.

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    look for games n sites like this one that are compatible with s30 and downlad a prgram like opm-2 or mobi mb to upload the games to your phone

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