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    Hi All,

    I am totally new to this.
    Recently I bought a Nokia 6100 and a DKU5 cable.

    I got about a thousand midi files from a friend from which I am trying to upload a few to my phone.

    I am using Nokia Sound Converter (from Nokia PC Suite)

    I realise that the original sound and the sound I get on teh phone are totally different.

    And the reason is that the original midis have numerous channels (4~15) while Nokia allows only 4 channels.

    What do I do now? How do I get my fav tunes on my cell and not lose some instrument in the tone.

    Please help.

    Please reply assuming I know nothing about midis and channels and Nokia stuff.

    ~aka AV

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    not all nokias allow only four channels.

    i had this same problem when i first got a nokia with poly tones, and i learned by messing with the sound converter. what you're going to have to do is, i nthe program, do the advanced option. you have to make the cumulative polyphony of all the channels u want to use below or at four. now you can't use all of the channels. depending on how much each channel has going on, you may be able to use from four to about seven channels. waht you should do is pick the channels you don't want and make their cumulative polyphony above four, so they won't be part of the tone. then do the "play in phone" or wahtever it's called thing and see how it sounds. if it sounds like crap then keep sacrificing channels until it sounds ok.

    got it?

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    i dont get it

    i really dont understand any of the channels thing.. can anyone please xplain them to me? thanks!

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    Well I can't explain it in particular, but it is a difficult process to adjust the sound in sound converter so that the tone sounds recongnisable. For some tones it won't sound good at all, but for most there is a solution. You have to be somewhat of an advanced user to be able to change the midi's to your liking.

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    the best thing to do is to convert midi files into ringtones yourself. converting something that has already been converted once can sound pretty bad!

    you can get ringtones that i have converted at my site:


    i have also put up info on how i did this

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