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    i was wondering about two things..

    First, how i could take the "T-mobile" text on the screen out. because it blocks the picture background.

    Second, do u know where i can get a program that lets you put polyphonic ringtones into my Gallery menu?

    i've been trying to look for my problems all over the internet but can't find anything about it.

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    for getting rid of your Tmobile logo
    use these 2 things :

    1) MobiMB
    2) Blanklogo.nol ( this is a transparant logo )

    what do you ave to do

    connect your mobile to the program
    upload the nol file to your mobile

    in mobiMb, right click on the nol file
    => use as operator logo

    => t-mobile logo disappeart

    ps I have added the file you need
    BUT !! You have to rename it to Nol , instead of JPG

    ( its a transparant picture, so you can't see it
    just right klick under the attachment line, and you'll find it; )
    have fun
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