Hello all!

This is my first post so ill introduce myself.
My name is Kure 24 years old and just about to go insaine!

Ive bought the nokia 6230 and the sitecom bleutooth adapter.
I also got the nokia pc suite 5.8 and the new one 6.2(.16).
My problem is that I simple cant connect. When i scan the area the computer sees my moble phone and the other way around too. The instalation finishes without any errors.
The strainge thing is that it didnt work yesterday and then it worked for like 2 hours. when i turned my computer on this day i got the same problem! FFS! A friend of mine got the same phone and his phone worked perfect (he also got the same bluetoothadapter). When he made a new conenction for my phone everything was *ucked. His phone didnt work also. SOmehow he got it fixed but he doesnt know how LOOOL !

When i try to pair it just gives me an error. I really dont know what to do so if anyone needs some screenschots or something else pls let me know.

Tnx in advance

ps: Sorry for my bad english

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