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    i cant believe i did this. i left my cell phone in the pocket of my swimsuit when i went in the hottub, and when i got out i noticed it and it was totally filled with water.i took off the face plate and drained all the water out of it, so that part is totally dry, but the battery is totally filled with water still! when i shake the battery all i hear is slosh, slosh, slosh. what i want to know is whether i have to buy just a new battery or a new phone altogether! thanks so much!

    See More: Nokia 5180 submerged in hottub - please help!
    my cell phone got drowned in my hottub...i posted a thread in the nokia section asking for help please reply with help if you can! thank you so very much!!

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    ouch bad luck!

    well da fone mite be ok since it's dried out, iv had fones get soaked and den be fine wen dried so u mite be ok, but da battery i say its history, u should find sum1 wit da same fone and try or even go into da shop and ask dem to test it with a diff battery!


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    My brother dropped his Kyocera Phantom cricket phone into a puddle of watter, quickly retireved it, opened it up and dried it out for a few days and it worked afterwards, BUT, it didn't work RIGHT after that. It dropped calls far more than average for a Cricket phone afterwards, possibly some other problems. Therefore, my advice to you is to get a new phone if you can afford it, because you can probably expect difficulties with your phone even if you replace the batery and get it to work.

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    Re: Nokia 5180 submerged in hottub - please help!

    Sat for 5 minutes in a 104 degree hot tube with my EVO in my pocket. I immediately pulled it out of my pocket when I realized, but I could clearly see water behind the screen and it was off. I pulled the battery and wrapped it in a towel while I grieved.

    The next day I googled and got all kinds of stuff like putting it in rice, rinsing it in clean water . . . no distilled water . . . no rubbing alcohol . . no 95% alcohol. Chlorine kills it, hot waters kills it, salt water kills it, no it doesn't, yes it does, just wait . . . it won't work as long. bla bla BLA!

    Here's what I did, and it worked perfectly.

    1.) Drove to radio shack and got precision screw driver set with appropriate bit to take my phone apart. Also got "no residue" electronic cleaner.

    2.) Took phone apart (go to youtube and put your phone model and "repair" in if you want to see someone do this).

    3.) Cleaned all of the connections and circuit boards with the cleaner, and carefully blotted/wiped everything with a clean towel. DO NOT GET THE CLEANER ON THE MICROPHONE OR SPEAKER as they probably won't work (in my experience) afterward.

    4.) Set all of the pieces (not the battery) on a towel about 9-12 inches away from the hotel hair dryer on LOW. Checked routinely the first hour to make sure it wasn't too hot. After 6 hours, reassembled and powered on.

    Everything works: mic, speakers, BT, wireless, 3G/4G, etc. . . . A bit of dust behind the screen, but I have my friend back!

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    Re: Nokia 5180 submerged in hottub - please help!

    Nice one Napoleon.. however if im not as savvy as you.. I would say just buy a new one

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    Re: Nokia 5180 submerged in hottub - please help!

    There's a similar thread on general with lots of tips and techniques for this.

    Anyway, just leave it to air dry for as long as you can and try a new battery. Good luck

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