Hi, i know this has probably been asked before, but I have a problem with either my N-Gage or my mmc. This is the story: I formatted my mmc to clear it of space, but i saved the important stuff onto my pc. I formatted the card, then I connected it by the mini-USB to the pc again, but the pc didn't sense the phone was there... I then formatted the mmc again, and again, and again... and again...no matter what, it wouldn't work!!!!! This problem has happenned before, I resolved it by putting the mmc into a digital camera and formatting it in there, it worked then, but I now don't have a digital camera with me, and I don't know anyone around here who does... so, does anyone know how I can resolve the problem?
By the way: The mmc is the standard 32Mb mmc that now comes with the N-Gage, it's the Nokia Game one, but I copied all of the files from the card that it originally contained onto my pc, then I formatted the card.

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